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Hmm, the game appears not to be able to connect with reddit anymore... If this isn't just something related to Unity being weird on my end, then well, I guess reddit must have changed something related to their urls.


Hey man, just wanted to leave you a comment here. This is a really nice little thing, like Fellow in the other comment, we recorded a quick video for it as well.

Honestly just really nice job. I think I saw something similar to this a while ago, but for the life of me I can't remember where and I don't think it was ANY subreddit like yours.

Thank you! It is a funny video. I am glad you liked it!

Hello, I finished a little review for your game, it was a nice change from the usual horror games I been playing and I was able to talk a lot in this one :) if you plan to put this on Gamejolt I would be happy to share 5/5 with you.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Haha, I had a good laugh. However I hope you are aware that in the pause menu you can give it a different subreddit to walk through? r/art is default, but there is no reason why you can't have a museum of kittens!

True but I felt there was enough different stuff to talk about for a video, if its just kittens I couldn't mock what I saw :)

Fair enough!