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Runecraft is a dungeon crawler where you merge runes to create new elements, and use them to your advantage. There is a story mode, and an endless mode, inspired by roguelikes.

Made for Löve 11.2
Except for the font I made all the assets.

Story mode
Roguelike inspired Endless mode
Randomized loot chests
RPG inspired leveling system (attribute points)
Boss battles

[WASD] = Walk
[Q][E] = Turn around
[Left Click] = Drag & drop runes
Drop on view to use rune on what is in front of you.
Drop on portrait to use rune on yourself.

Wake up.
We're in a strange place.
You're familliar with friction fire, right?
In this universe there are these runes...
If you call upon the element of the rune, its magic can be used.
The most common runes are Sun, Wind, and Water.
By themselves they only have one use.
But when you grind two runes together, new elements can be crafted
Like how flint and steel makes fire.
It seems like we're trapped in a dungeon.
We need to use these runes to our advantage.
If we can figure out how to craft the rune of destruction, nothing can stop us.
Be careful.


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